[Bug 2859] Flickering or blanking on DVI output of Radeon 9200/9250

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Mon Apr 28 04:46:04 PDT 2008


--- Comment #95 from Tomas Lindén <tlinden at cc.helsinki.fi>  2008-04-28 04:46:01 PST ---
The flickering problem became tolearable (about a flickering event once a week
or so) after I configured a modeline with reduced blanking as described in
Comment #64. I changed the the stock DVI cable that came with my Eizo FlexScan
L885 to a Dual link DVI cable. This fixed the remaining flickering problem for

Changing cables is probably worth doing for everyone with DVI flickering

I have now a new PC with a Nvidia graphics card and the old PC with the Radeon
card is taken out of usage, so from my point of view this bug could be closed,
but apparently there are many others with remaining flickering problems.

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