[Bug 15096] X freezes when using Compiz (or other 3D apps) with xserver-xorg-video-ati >1:6.6.3

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Mon Apr 21 17:41:56 PDT 2008


--- Comment #6 from Daniel <daniel.faulkner at boltblue.com>  2008-04-21 17:41:56 PST ---
I'm also having this same problem on my hardy heron installation. It's upto
date at time of writing and uses an ATI Radeon 9800pro and the opensource ATI

It will seemingly randomly lockup everything is unresponsive apart from the
mouse cursor, i have accessed the computer in this state as SSH seems to still
work and running the top command shows compiz.real using up all available cpu
and using sudo kill -9 i'm able to regain use of that pc again (just loosing
the window decorations).
If there is anything needed to further aid the resolution of this bug please
ask and i can try to help (but with the freezes being quite random and my time
limited i might not be able to check this report to regularly).

PS: I'm currently only assuming this issue is related to the driver, it could
be compiz itself but reading this bug description and the related launchpad.net
bug it seems more likely my problem is the same as described here.

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