[Bug 15542] 780G detects incorrect resolution

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Sat Apr 19 23:14:31 PDT 2008


--- Comment #4 from Joel <joel.stan at gmail.com>  2008-04-19 23:14:30 PST ---
I looked around for an option to disable scaling, but couldn't find one. There
was a "zoom" option, which let me tilt and strech the image vertically.

I'm not convinced that scaling is the issue though, or perhaps I'm having a
separate problem.

I tried plugging the 780G into the TV with VGA, as I can compare the results
there to my laptop, an intel 945GM (which doesn't have a digital out, hence
VGA). The 780G couldn't display anything over the VGA (using `xrandr --output
VGA-0 --auto`).

I have attached the outputs of `xrandr --verbose` for the 780G and the intel
945GM on my laptop with the TV attached via VGA.

Is it noteworthy that the intel driver reports 1360x768, while radeon does not? 

What is the "None" output on about? I thought this was referring to the DVI
output, but it appears to be related to VGA?

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