[Bug 15371] Draw untransformed repeating NPOT sources with tiles

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--- Comment #6 from Owen Taylor <otaylor at redhat.com>  2008-04-07 07:40:31 PST ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> (In reply to comment #4)
> > Upon further investigation, matching pitch is actually needed for R100 and
> > possibly R200 as well.
> Pretty sure it's necessary on R200 as well - I was writing and testing those
> tests on an R200 equipped machine.

Thanks ... I got stumped working with agd5f to figure out why the actual
drawing-in-tiles wasn't working on R100 (very strange, must be obvious,
but not clear to me yet) and we never got back to testing on R200.

> Also, it might be even better to only flush the 3D cache once after all tiles,
> if that works.

Is there any reason the flush can't be moved to DoneComposite? .. not
just after all the tiles from a single box passed in by exa, but after
all the boxes?

> P.S. I think R5xx and newer can actually handle wrapping with arbitrary
> dimensions.

So I've heard. I'll leave that to someone with the hardware and the interest
to figure out. (Maybe requires going through some other texturing path?
the TX_FORMAT restriction is still in the R5xx docs.)

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