AIW Radeon 9700 Pro for a DVI LCD without fglrx

Roland Scheidegger sroland at
Wed Apr 2 04:52:55 PDT 2008

Bajji sw wrote:
> Thanks for the response. 
> Maybe the act of giving up and asking for help opens
> one's eyes to the solution? I have noticed this a few
> times recently :) .
> I tried enabling radeon on another machine (9600 Pro,
> not AIW) and discovered that AGPFastWrite is the cause
> of the hang, probably along with an incorrect AGPMode.
Yes, for some reason fast writes don't work and pretty much always just
cause hangs with the radeon driver.

> Now the AIW Radeon 9700 Pro works well for 720p H.264
> video (VLC). I think my computer may not be fast
> enough for 1080p H.264 (slight skipping on mplayer).
> This is with 8x AGP and 128 MB GART. Any other options
> to speed up video playback? DMAforXv ?
This should be default, at least as long as you got the cp accel enabled
(so you have the drm module loaded and dri enabled, which you have
otherwise fast writes wouldn't have made a difference...).
I don't think there's anything else you can do here (at least on the
video driver side of things), unless you're using a really old radeon
driver (which used to convert planar yuv to packed yuv in the driver,
which newer ones no longer do).
But I don't think you can expect a XP 3000 to run 1080p h.264 smoothly
(depending on the encoding options used, it might work, but in general
it's probably too slow), not without the video driver doing some of the
work (which it can't apart from the color space conversion).


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