[Bug 10697] ATI 6.6.191 + Xserver 1.2.99 does not find any monitor

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Sun May 27 21:43:16 PDT 2007


------- Comment #5 from agd5f at yahoo.com  2007-05-27 21:43 PST -------
This is due to the bios connector table being bogus.  It used to work in the
older version of the driver since we restored just about all the output regs
unconditionally; however in the newer driver we have finer grained control over
what outputs are are used and how they are routed so if the tables are bogus
things are more likely to break.  Also, the XPRESS chips are completely
undocumented and as such we are not sure what all components they have or how
they are wired up.  Some have reported that DVI is provided by an external TMDS
chip; as such it's possible that XPRESS chips don't actually have the built-in

We probably need to bring in something like the "ConnectorTable" option in the
randr-1.2 branch so that we can override all aspects of the connectors (DDC
line, tmds type, DAC, etc.).

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