[Bug 11005] seom-player window turns blank unless XV_ALPHA_MODE=1

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Sun May 20 09:48:46 PDT 2007


------- Comment #2 from rankincj at yahoo.com  2007-05-20 09:48 PST -------
I am experiencing a similar bug trying to play "Deus Ex" in OpenGL mode under
Wine on my R100. The screen turns blank immediately here too, and stays blank
until I hold down the <Alt><TAB> keys. However, in this case, the window
freezes as soon as I release the <Alt><TAB> keys again. Also, setting
XV_ALPHA_MODE has no effect.

Basically, it looks like "Deus Ex"'s OpenGL window is "locked" and cannot be
updated unless I am pressing <Alt><TAB>. Does anyone have any idea what could
be causing that, please?

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