[Bug 10224] r200 driver freezes with Radeon 8500

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Wed May 2 10:15:06 PDT 2007


------- Comment #2 from tvignaud at mandriva.com  2007-05-02 10:14 PST -------
I tried git of last week but it still crashed. I kept the following patches
and I'll try without them:

# DRI modules are not under /usr/X11R6 anymore
Patch2:     mesa-6.5.1-default_dri_dir.patch
# Install EGL header files and fixes other minor compilations problems when
enabling EGL
Patch3:     mesa-egl_support.patch
# static inline functions are broken on some architetures
Patch6:     mesa-6.5-drop-static-inline.patch
# In some cases radeon may have 0 bits depth
Patch7:     mesa-radeon-0depthbits.patch
# Fix compilation on x86_64 
Patch9:     mesa-6.5-x86_64-fix-build.patch
# Disable compilation of broken demos
Patch10:    mesa-6.5-xdemos_remove_broken.patch
# Fix linux-dri so it can be used for all archs (thanks Christiaan Welvaart)
Patch13:    Mesa-6.5.1-linux-dri-config.patch
# Disable some checks making Google Earth work on r300
Patch14:    mesa-6.5.1-google_earth_support.patch
# Fix moving DRI windows on the screen by updating the drawable info
Patch15:    mesa-6.5.2-mga_fix_dri_window_move.patch
# Fix some texture data corruption
Patch16:    mesa-6.5.2-texdata_corruption_fix.patch
# remove unfinished GLX_ARB_render_texture
Patch43:    mesa-6.5.2-no-ARB_render_texture.patch
# fix some crashs when a mesa context could not be found
Patch44:    mesa-6.5.2-check_context.patch

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