[Bug 10160] radeon with EXA enabled hangs on r300 when shutting down X11

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Fri Mar 30 08:39:47 PDT 2007


------- Comment #9 from mblaesing at gmx.de  2007-03-30 07:39 PST -------
I asume, that you want to know whether the kernel is still responsive (by
logging in via ssh). I had no computer handy to test that - but the kernel
still runs, as I can shutdown the notebook by pressing the power button, that
in turn activates the normal shutdown sequence via ACPI. So the kernel works.

I tried to run the server with "-logdebug 20", but the resulting logfile (see
attachment) is not too helpfull I think. This logfile resulted from pressing
STRG-ALT-BACKSPACE while in X. This caused all clients to shutdown, but did not
shutdown the server, which blocked the keyboard.

The test was done with "startx -- -logdebug 20 -layout home"

Another thing I tried is switching to console and shutting down the server via
a SIGTERM worked as expected.

The lock only happens, if I run a glx programm before I try to shutdown.

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