[Bug 9231] dri with two cards locks up

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------- Comment #16 from ludov_dupont at yahoo.fr  2007-03-18 22:28 PST -------
(In reply to comment #14)
> Still locks up, I'm afraid. I get this, so DRI should be disabled for the
> second
> card:
> (EE) RADEON(1): Illegal GART size: 512 MB
> I also tried disabling AIGLX, but that didn't help.

Hi there!

Sorry for not having answered earlier, but personnal problems have kept me off
this problem for some time...

... this morning, I saw there was a quite recent packet for x11-drm on Gentoo
(20070314) that I tried at once...

... what I can say for myself is that with this one, using an illegal
AGPGartSize (eg 256, 512, 3000 for what I tested) on the card where I need
opengl the least made X.org launch without hard-locking the machine... but the
display on the no-dri screen (a merfedfb of two monitors on one PCI-E card) is
totally corrupted... so much it is not usable... though the screen on the
second card works ok, dri included (it serves me as an mythfrontend)...

... so, is there any specific AGPGartSize you could advice me to use, not to
get this corruption?

Other than that, I have been testing the new drm module for a few hours and
have to say that, without using AGPGartSize (not to get the borking of my
screen), this one seems to be more stable for the, strange I have to confess
(two cards, with a mergedfb pseudo xinerama on one of them, and a third monitor
for mythtv), use I have of it :)

I still have random lockup, either on X startup or exit, but it happens a lot
less... I would say everything goes ok between 3 times out of 4 or 4 times out
of 5... and when it works, it is the only way I have to use, at the same time,
MergedXinerama and not have mplayer detect the wrong size for fullscreen (as
the only mode it can tweak fullscreen size detection is opengl mode... when in
XV mode, it persists to detect the size of one of the crts on the other card...
as do every fullscreen app I use on the second card... but for mplayer, the
only satisfactory workaround for me is with the opengl fullscreen output)...

So really wonder if there is a way we can hope this bug be solved... opengl can
solve many problems (like the fullscreen bug with fullscreen apps size
detection  on a second card when mergedfb pseudo-xinerama is used on another,
which I still have to report)... and I assure you that this erratic bug is
really rare and that everything works really good when X gets to be launched... 

I remember you said that it is no even supposed to work yet, but it is even
more encouraging as it does yet quite excellently (except for the lockups,
rarest as I said)... In fact, those erratic lockups on exiting are the only
thing that prevent me to keep it as is, because I do all my maintenance outside
of X on the console, and I must be able to switch in and out of X without
things locking up in the middle of an emerge... it already works but "only"
needs to be, at least a bit more, stable...

Please let us know how we could be of any help... I dream so much of having a
dual Metisse desktop with an opengl mythtv on a third screen (or at least my
actual fvwm, plus opengl mythtv and the nice transitions) :D

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