[Bug 2859] Flickering or blanking on DVI output of Radeon 9200/9250

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Mon Mar 12 02:24:59 PDT 2007


------- Comment #85 from tlinden at cc.helsinki.fi  2007-03-12 01:24 PST -------
I'm presently running with reduced blanking on my ASUS Radeon 9200 SE/TD card
as described in comment #62 since September last year. 
  xvidtune -show
  "1600x1200"   132.00   1600 1648 1712 1820   1200 1202 1205 1207
With this setting the blanking occurs of the order of once every week or once
every second week in ordinary desktop usage. 

If I run GoogleEarth then the flickering frequency increases to a few times per
minute. So the problem is not solved completly by using reduced blanking and it
can be worsened by increased activity on the graphics card.

Now I run Fedora Core 6 with kernel 2.6.18-1.2869.fc6 and X Window System
Version 7.1.1.

I tested also a Connect3D Radeon 9200 C3D-6028 in my machine, but I had even
more problems with it than with my Asus card. There was more flickering and I
could not reduce it to the present level as with the Asus card using reduced
blanking. The largest stable display size that I could achieve was 640x480 over
the DVI cable. Using reduced modelines sometimes resulted in videomodes
reported to be in error by my monitor. I had the warnings
  pixel clock 79 Mhz flashed in red
  pixel clock 170,6 Mhz flashed in red
by my Eizo L885 monitor.

I also tested a Sapphire Radeon 9200SE PCI card. I could see the flickering
problem on it too, but less frequently. Getting the resolution 1600x1200 over
DVI did not require the options MonitorLayout and PanelSize in the xorg.conf
so this card is much better in this respect, but the performance is not so good
because it is a PCI card.

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