[Bug 10205] Radeon driver's own mode validation code does not work properly

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Wed Mar 7 03:47:11 PST 2007


------- Comment #1 from sroland at tungstengraphics.com  2007-03-07 03:47 PST -------
There is a lot more wrong with radeon mode validation than that. For instance,
all lower resolutions will always use on-chip scaling (RMX) for the digital
output. Worse, it's always using fit-to-screen, if you ever tried to upscale a
5:4 resolution on a 16:10 panel you know you don't want that. Ideally, it
should be possible to disable RMX (note some panels may not have their own
scaler and need it), and rmx should be configurable so it offers at least the
"common" options (no scaling, scale with aspect ratio, scale to fit). I think
the chip could handle that, actually once tried it but failed (not sure but I
think you'd need to program overscan correctly for that). A hack to disable RMX
OTOH (and the safeguards for not using custom resolutions) is easy and useful,
all decent panels (well those with scalers anyway) let you choose one of the 3
scaling methods, and if it blows up your panel be glad that you got rid of this
piece of crap for free...

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