[Bug 10160] radeon with EXA enabled hangs on r300 when shutting down X11

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Sun Mar 4 18:48:25 PST 2007


mblaesing at gmx.de changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|EXA on r300 with merged     |radeon with EXA enabled
                   |framebuffer is slow and     |hangs on r300 when shutting
                   |fails to repaint XV colorkey|down X11
                   |properly                    |

------- Comment #5 from mblaesing at gmx.de  2007-03-04 18:48 PST -------
So what remains is, that before I will see nice effects on my dualhead setup, I
will have to wait and hope, that someone finds a way to work around the 2650px
limit of the 3d engine. When this is done, I could use beryl/compiz to get a
nice and shiny desktop.

Apart from that I changed the summary, reflecting the hang I noticed, when
activating EXA on the r300.

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