[Bug 10160] EXA on r300 with merged framebuffer is slow and fails to repaint XV colorkey properly

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Fri Mar 2 14:41:59 PST 2007


------- Comment #3 from mblaesing at gmx.de  2007-03-02 14:41 PST -------
Ok, it was an old version of the radeon driver (the version from debian
unstable). So I compiled the driver from a git checkout and well, the bug is
gone, but I wouldn't consider the situation an improvement. While with XAA
everythink work beautifully and quite fast (k, compositing is dog slow), the
EXA tests feel sluggish, whether xcompmgr is running or not.

What is more, when running with EXA enabled, the display freezes when
terminating the X Server. With XAA, I can run several cycles (inlcuding 3D and
compositing) in between. I only considered EXA, because the compositing
features appealed me. They looked like the only way to get at least some nice
looking grafics, as I cannot use beryl/compiz (my desktop is for many times
3080x1050 and a desktop being screwed from 2650 onward is ...)

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