Bug#348873: regression: r128 on laptop ignores supplied modeline for external display, picking LCD panel pixel dimensions

Tim Connors tconnors at astro.swin.edu.au
Sat Jun 23 05:57:22 PDT 2007

On Sat, 23 Jun 2007, Brice Goglin wrote:

> Tim Connors wrote:
> > and then Xorg.0.log goes on to claim it knows nothing about the IBM
> > modelines:
> > (II) R128(0): Not using mode "IBM_mode_1" (no mode of this name)
> > (II) R128(0): Not using mode "IBM_mode_2" (no mode of this name)
> > (II) R128(0): Not using mode "IBM_mode_3" (no mode of this name)
> >
> > Then I end up with cruddy 1024x768:
> > (**) R128(0): *Mode "1024x768 at 75": 65.0 MHz (scaled from 83.9 MHz), 60.1 kHz, 74.4 Hz
> > (which I find odd, because if it truly was using the flat panel's
> > settings, should it not have picked up the 60Hz rate the flat panel
> > requires?  It works on both displays when I cycle through the
> > laptop's external/interal settings)
> >
> Could you try with xserver-xorg-video-ati 1:6.6.192-1 currently in
> experimental in case it helps?

Same result with 1:6.6.192-1.

> Or you feel more adventurous, you could try the randr-1.2 branch of the
> upstream git repository since it should be better at discovering
> modes/resolutions/... automatically without the need for anything in
> xorg.conf. I have some packages of this somewhere if you want to try it.

The latter certainly will be a problem -- I have good reason for wanting
to supply my own modelines -- I have a fixed frequency external monitor.
I don't need better discovery -- this all used to work, and I've already
worked out which modelines will work on my monitor, and X will not do a
better job than me at detecting necessary modelines from a monitor that
doesn't do DDC.  This used to work prior to 6.9 -- I haven't changed
anything to do with my carefully crafted modelines, so those should
continue to be working.

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