[Bug 11287] vt switch is broken in recent git

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Mon Jun 18 21:59:35 PDT 2007


------- Comment #6 from randrik at mail.ru  2007-06-18 21:59 PST -------
I've just noticed one thing - lockups was not always after first switch from
and back to X. Sometimes i need few switches back and forth - but 4 at max.

I do new git bisect and result is:

dcb64a4d3947e5a9fbda4b72e29a5b6102370f07 is first bad commit
commit dcb64a4d3947e5a9fbda4b72e29a5b6102370f07
Author: Dave Airlie <airlied at linux.ie>
Date:   Sun Jun 3 17:10:49 2007 +1000

    radeon: disable vbl interrupts when no 3d is running on a new enough drm

with driver up to 4c61c0ee91a2ffeefce30972a584486f1df1d1ae i can switch VTs at
least ten times without lockup.... will try more ...

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