Great slowness with radeon(4x) and AccelMethod "EXA" for X.Org 7.2

Chris Rankin rankincj at
Mon Jun 18 08:54:53 PDT 2007

--- Michel Dänzer <michel at> wrote:
> Why? It shouldn't be hard for someone with the hardware to port the r300
> bits.

> I did the initial implementation for r300 and i915tex.

OK, so if you give me a few signposts to follow I'll give it a bash, although I'm not familiar
with the internals of the DRI code. Just so long as I don't need to reference any hardware
information. (And the R100 driver too?)

> > Would I lose access to the second 128 MB of my 256 MB Radeon 9200 card
> > if I did use it? The Xorg.0.log file says that it can only access the
> > first 128 MB on my card directly.
> You can't lose it because nothing's currently using it. The drivers
> could be extended to use it for 3D textures or EXA offscreen pixmaps
> relatively easily though.

Ah, I thought that something *was* using it. Perhaps it's just EXA then? (Sheesh, so much for my
256 MB card.)


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