GATOS-TV-Out-Code now relicensed

Hanno Böck ml at
Wed Jul 25 05:03:33 PDT 2007


Good news, all people who touched the Gatos TV-Out Code in the past agreed 
with relicensing the code under a MIT-license.

Now, current status is: r200-support seems to work for most people, no 
r300-support at all.

Next steps would be:
- Adapt the latest patch (attached to the gentoo bug) to the current git-code
- Change all GPL-Information to MIT, add others that worked on it to the 
I'll try to do that in the next days (some rejects on radeon_driver.c at the 
moment). But if others want to step in first, feel free.

After that, some of the core ati/radeon-devs should take a look at the code 
and give some comment on it. And maybe some day we can merge it and have at 
least for some cards basic tv out support.

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