xor error with an ATI RV100 7000/VE video card

Olivier olecarme at gmail.com
Sun Jul 15 09:21:16 PDT 2007

I'm using Gimp 2.3 on two different computers, both with the same Debian Sid

One has an ATI RV370 X300SE video card and a  Dell1280x1024 screen.

The other has an ATI RV100 7000/VE video card and an Acer 1680x1050 screen.
On this one, and only with the 2.3.18 version of Gimp, I get an Xor error
which can be seen on this image:


With all the tracing tools that use a brush, but only with them, as soon as
the pointer is in the image window, there appears a series of images otf he
current brush, ligth green. They don't modify the image itself, as simply
redrawing it makes the images to disappear. This is does not occur with
version 2.2 of Gimp, and one of the developers told me that the drawing
color changed between the versions, as well as the way Gdk implements the

I'm using the ati Xorg driver. Changing to radeon had no effect. I tried
using the proprietary fglrx driver, but the X server does not start, telling
me it cannot find a device.

Thanks for any help!
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