[Bug 11357] Color tiling with randr-1.2 branch broken on rv280

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Tue Jul 3 04:41:40 PDT 2007


------- Comment #9 from sroland at tungstengraphics.com  2007-07-03 04:41 PST -------
(In reply to comment #8)
> xf86-video-ati, randr-1.2 branch, include 
> commit bdcae622100c81a4d9a53938542b64908bacd195
> after commented out line 226 in radeon_crtc.c 
> save->crtc_offset_cntl = INREG(RADEON_CRTC_OFFSET_CNTL) & ~0xf;
> tiling finally working!
> Hm, something wrong with my git software?  Or something wrong with my hardware?
> Looks like i need all sorts of hacks only for making it work. Seriously, i fear
> all such blind hacking (like i did) may even damage other videocards....
Highly unlikely...
And I think your solution is correct. This was wrong due to the code
reshuffling, the inreg is at the wrong place, but the code doesn't seem to rely
on any values already set, so it can go. Apart from that, the issue mentioned
in the comment (the scrolling in a virtual screen causing headaches) doesn't
exist with randr anyway, as that feature isn't supported at all.
I think you're just discovering these bugs because not too many people are
using the randr 1.2 branch with pre-r300 radeons right now.

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