[Bug 11357] Color tiling with randr-1.2 branch broken on rv280

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Mon Jul 2 22:58:40 PDT 2007


------- Comment #8 from randrik at mail.ru  2007-07-02 22:58 PST -------
xf86-video-ati, randr-1.2 branch, include 
commit bdcae622100c81a4d9a53938542b64908bacd195

after commented out line 226 in radeon_crtc.c 

save->crtc_offset_cntl = INREG(RADEON_CRTC_OFFSET_CNTL) & ~0xf;

tiling finally working!

Hm, something wrong with my git software?  Or something wrong with my hardware?
Looks like i need all sorts of hacks only for making it work. Seriously, i fear
all such blind hacking (like i did) may even damage other videocards....

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