[Bug 2859] Flickering or blanking on DVI output of Radeon 9200/9250

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------- Additional Comments From tomhorsley at adelphia.net  2007-01-19 18:16 -------
I can add some anecdotes for what they are worth: I have a Sapphire X700 PCI
express (identified by X as RV410 chipset). I had once in a blue moon flickering
problems in Fedora Core 5 with xorg 7.0, which changed to a couple of times a
second with Fedora Core 6 and xorg 7.1. I got the flickering to stop by
(painfully) forcing X to use a refresh rate lower than 60HZ. Comment #65
points to the details on my solution.

However, the problem is not isolated to linux. I have Windows XP on this same
machine, and in every version of Catalyst I've installed, I see occasional
flickering just like X had (only not as frequent on XP).

Weirdly, the flickering seems to be related to the actual contents of the
screen. The mostly light purplish-blue screen that XP uses at login has never
flickered. I changed my screen background from the default green fields
and hills to a solid purplish-blue about like the login, and the flickering
doesn't happen anymore till I run some app that paints something it doesn't
like. The worst I've seen is adobe photoshop. When it came up initially in
full screen with the sorta tan colored background it uses, it took forever to
see enough of the cursor between blinking on and off to drag a corner down
so it didn't fill the whole screen and get the flickering to stop. Even after
the flickering mostly stopped, pulling down a menu in photoshop would almost
always trigger an instant flicker attack which would go away just as instantly
when I hit ESC to close the menu.

I'm pretty sure I remember it being somewhat screen content sensitive in X
as well till I found my refresh rate solution, but I don't remember anything
under X that was as dramatic or reproducable as photoshop under windows.
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