RV100 / 7000VE very slow?

Roland Scheidegger sroland at tungstengraphics.com
Wed Jan 17 17:19:15 PST 2007

Christian Brandt wrote:
> Today I installed Ubuntu 6.06 on an IBM 346 server which features a
> RV100 / 7000VE / 16MB onboard-gpu running at 1280x1024/24bit/60hz. I
> have to work for quite some days directly at this system and also in the
> future so I have been horrified about the very low performance of the
> gpu: Dragging windows lags around half a second, clearing the screen
> takes around one second, even while typing inside a terminal window I am
> faster than the gpu.
Are you using cp accel or mmio? You need to load dri/drm for the former,
which typically feels a bit faster. 16MB should just be enough for this
to work (note though that you won't really have enough video ram for
offscreen pixmaps).
I'm not exactly sure of the specifications of this server, but I think
it may use a 32bit only DDR interface for the graphic chip (no idea
about clock), should be mentioned in the xorg log file. That could lower
performance quite a bit probably.


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