Bug#392915: xserver-xorg-video-ati: xserver freezes system when starting

Andreas Johansson andjo at lysator.liu.se
Sun Jan 7 10:41:11 PST 2007

>Yes, if the agpgart driver can print a message about the aperture size
>being too small, it should also be able report failure such that the X
>server doesn't initialize the DRI.

Ah, sorry, my wording when referring to fd.o bug 6111 was a bit
unclear. On my system at least, agpgart doesn't complain about the
aperture being too small, it just states the same value that is set in
the BIOS. I merely got the idea to change the setting from reading the
freedesktop bug comments.

Looking at drivers/char/agp/*.c in the kernel source, it seems that
only amd64_agp can complain that the apterture size is too small. I'm
using via_agp on my 32-bit system.

Andreas Johansson			     andjo at lysator.liu.se

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