Bug#412228: xserver-xorg-video-ati: fails to start and nearly hangs machine

Brice Goglin Brice.Goglin at ens-lyon.org
Sun Feb 25 03:03:18 PST 2007

Mario Frasca wrote:
> Driver "r128" also works (after disabling "dri")...
> is one "better" than the other and in which sense?

I don't know exactly. radeon, r128 and atimisc are supposed to be
somehow included in "ati". But I have been told that it is not exactly
true. Maybe somebody else on debian-x will be able to explain.

> I first tried without the 'dri', then also disabled the UseFBDev option.
> it remained on just out of lazyness while I was switching between fbdev
> and ati...  does it have any effect when I'm not using the "fbdev" driver?

I can't say, sorry. I try to give some hints about how to
solve/workaround people problems. But, I don't have enough knowledge to
explain how/why it works :/

By the way, just removing the "usefbdev" line won't help here. From the
r128 manpage, usefbdev is on by default on powerpc. You'll have to
explicitly set it to off here. However, there are probably some good
reason for it to be enabled by default on ppc, so I am finally not so
sure disabling it is a good idea.

> still don't find the page you say was written 2 years ago...



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