[Bug 12934] Synaptics freezes xserver

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Thu Dec 20 10:03:23 PST 2007


------- Comment #15 from alex at derhofbauer.at  2007-12-20 10:03 PST -------
(In reply to comment #14)
> Unfortunately, AGP is such a black art
I already got such an impression. ;-)

> Now I'm confused - I took comment #8 to mean that Option "AGPMode" "1" makes it
> stable under all circumstances. If that's not the case, please elaborate.

That was some kind of Freudian slip. Indeed "AGPMode 1" makes the system very
unstable in only one condition: 3d, meaning that using compiz (which I didn't
want to notice here because it should be considered an extra, not a must-have)
only works for about 2 to 2 minutes. Please ignore the "not" nevertheless.

With my current configuration, "AGPMode 4", I'm running compiz for some time

I could live with the current situation and having to check if the USB-Receiver
is plugged does not really make a notebook unusable. Anyways, I just can't live
with tha fact, that one simple USB device influences AGP in such a way...

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