Running xrandr on a remote client - possible?

Wolfgang Pfeiffer roto at
Fri Dec 14 15:07:45 PST 2007

Hi All

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I'm looking for a way to run xrandr on a remote client after logging
in to this client via ssh, and manipulate

* 1   the remote clients internal display       
* 2   the remote clients external display (VGA/TV etc ...)

I need this ssh fallback in case the remote client's X is crashing, or
simply being switched off, while running screen cloning tests on that
client ... I had one instance where the remote machine's display was
switched off, together with a VGA screen that the former was attached
to. All that would be left then, IINM, would be to shut down the
remote computer via ssh.

I'd like to avoid this complete shutdown, just switching on or off the
remote client's display, or the external monitor if it is attached to
one, would be really helpful.

Glitches aside, my ssh environment, IINM, seems to be set up fine,
both server- and client-side: I can run on my local X-server a
remotely, client-side installed older version of mplayer and play a
(remote) video .. And everything seems fine, save the fact that I hear
sound on the remote machine, while I see the video part of the file on
the local X display ... :)

But when I ssh into the remote client and do, e.g., a 'xrandr -q' I'm
getting returned the values for the local X display server instead of
those for the remote one ...

Thanks in anticipation

Best Regards

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