[Bug 6003] xorg problems radeon x600 new imac 12,1

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> Hi,
> > http://support.apple.com/specs/imac/iMac_G5_iSight.html tells that there is a
> > VGA output, so these become very odd : the DVI output is known to be connected,
> > but i have the actual output is send through the VGA output (external screen).
> I didn't tell it right : the specs page tells the external connector is VGA, so
> the DVI one is the internal. xrandr report DVI-1 (connected) and DVI-0
> (disconnected) outputs :/ So the external (mini-) VGA output is treated as
> DVI-1 :/

The driver just defaults to a default setup since the driver doesn't know what
outputs your system has.  We need to add a macmodel entry for the isight.  The
tough part is figuring out which outputs are used and which ddc channels map to
which outputs.  Also, we need to find out whether it uses TMDS (internal or
external) or LVDS for the internal panel.  If it uses LVDS, the driver will
need some changes as we don't currently support LVDS on non-mobility chips. 
Also, ifs tv-out a direct plug or a special adapter for the vga port?  To start
you'll have to play with the "ConnectorTable" option.

Try these to start:

Option "ConnectorTable" "1,2,2,1,2,1,2,2"
internal TMDS:
Option "ConnectorTable" "1,2,0,4,2,1,2,2"
external TMDS:
Option "ConnectorTable" "1,2,1,4,2,1,2,2"

for the LVDS option, you'll also have to remove the info->IsMobility check from

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