[Bug 13407] Radeon Mobility crashes with EXA + RenderAccel

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Mon Dec 3 07:08:38 PST 2007


------- Comment #6 from timo.jyrinki at hut.fi  2007-12-03 07:08 PST -------
Sorry for the delay. After two "up":s:
#2  0xb78a7349 in exaGlyphs (op=3 '\003', pSrc=0x8b03010, pDst=0x8b03178, 
    maskFormat=0x0, xSrc=0, ySrc=0, nlist=0, list=0xbfa56f44, 
    glyphs=0xbfa56b54) at ../../exa/exa_render.c:1199
(gdb) print pExaScr->info->PrepareComposite
$1 = (Bool (*)(int, PicturePtr, PicturePtr, PicturePtr, PixmapPtr, PixmapPtr, 
    PixmapPtr)) 0xb7a76640 <R200PrepareCompositeCP>

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