[Bug 10620] Disable on-chip RMX modes for DFP monitors

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Mon Apr 23 08:50:49 PDT 2007


------- Comment #20 from mhopf at suse.de  2007-04-23 08:50 PST -------
The patches don't activate ddc_mode by default, so this shouldn't be the source
for the regression.

Unfortunately benh isn't online on xorg-devel right now.

Commit 0abce69f0d826a7ca1a41d963cd4730b6e01c145 or
16ef77df4ebaf5ea13baa82972aaf98e71ac32ee is probably the culprit so if benh
could test these two commits, it help be of great help.

(In reply to comment #17)
> The mode list handling patches seem to miss the fact that list if circular or
> not

I most certainly do not understand what you want to tell me.
Can the modelist be a circular list? In that case, how did it ever work, the
mode list scanning end conditions certainly didn't test for that so far. Or
only in a way that is so non-obvious that I still can see how.

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