[Bug 10620] Disable on-chip RMX modes for DFP monitors

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------- Comment #6 from mhopf at suse.de  2007-04-16 09:10 PST -------
The other two changes in the first patch are an obvious bug fix (linked list
termination), and a signal polarity semantic change of which I'm a bit unsure
whether it might have some regressions with monitors with broken DDC:

on IBM Lewis server, if (d_timings->sync==3)is set,the signal polarity
restrictions are not considered by radeon driver,which cause video corruption
on remote video controller. when if(d_timing->sync == 3)is removed, the
required signal polarity is passed to the output video mode, thus the remote
video show correctly.

Benjamin, do you know whether this if-clause was introduced later, or whether
it came with the original implementation? I've tracked it down until the
initial git version from 2003-11-14, and even back then the whole clause was
present as it is today.

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