[Bug 10240] radeon driver locks computer with 9250 VIVO card when dri is enabled

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Fri Apr 6 12:03:34 PDT 2007


------- Comment #6 from nyyr1 at tiscali.cz  2007-04-06 12:03 PST -------
1.) I cannot find how to disable DRI. I don't have any *Load "DRI"* lines in my
config and *Option "DRI" "false"* does not do the job. I can still see *Loading
dri* line in Xorg.0.log

2.) Computer locks up during X boot.

3.) Adding those XaaNoSolidBresenhamLine and XaaNoSolidTwoPointLine statements
helped only for the first time (first reboot after xorg.conf change). Since
then  (next reboots) computer locks up during X boot again.

4.) In my BIOS AGP speed is set to 8 and FastWrites to ON. With these settings
Windows XP work fine. I tried to put *Option "AGPMode" "8"* into xorg.conf, did
not help. So I tried to add FastWrites ON option (as it is disabled by the X
driver by default - according to Xorg.0.log), didn't help either.

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