[Bug 8938] [ATI/radeon] Xv tearing

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Thu Nov 30 13:28:38 PST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From drzeus-bugzilla at drzeus.cx  2006-11-30 13:28 -------
Patch made things slightly better, but again not very good. The hangs are gone
(at least for the test movie I have), but the tearing is still present.

The tearing is now also very funky. Since it is a planar format, I constantly
get the luma and chroma out of sync. Looks like some mushroom bearing hippies
have invaded my machine. :)

>From my point of view, there are three unanswered questions (which might all be

A. Why is there a bandwidth issue and where? There should be enough bandwidth
over both the PCI bus and internally on the card.

B. Why is there such a speed difference in pushing data to the AGP card (over 10
times as fast). AFAIK, the AGP bus isn't that much faster, especially on such an
old machine as this.

C. Why am I getting tearing when I have XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER set to 1? Shouldn't
there be a cache of at least one image on the card that we flip to?          
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