[Bug 9231] dri with two cards locks up

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------- Additional Comments From ludov_dupont at yahoo.fr  2006-12-07 08:41 -------

I experience the same problems as Pierre, but with two PCI-E cards (X800XL).

I have no problem if I only use one card at a time.

With both cards activated in my xorg.conf, I experience strange things : 

- Sometimes, it will initialize both screens at the good resolutions/frequencies
(I can verify this on my monitors), but fail to launch the window manager.
- Sometimes, it will load X, where dri works great on both screens at the same
time (only tested with glxgears so far), but crash on exiting X.
- Sometime, everything is ok : launching X and exiting it.

It is quite sad that it is erratic as when I can launch X with DRI on both cards
(totally random : 50% probably as far as I observed), it works excellently
(thanks for the so good work on free acceleration to the DRI project).

I hope I don't abuse posting this on this bugreport, but my problem is really
similar to Pierre's one (except that sometimes, X will get launched). I also
join my logs and xorg.conf.

Otherwise, if it is of any help, let me know if I should install dri cvs (or
git, I don't know which one you use) to test patched version when there will be.
I am definately willing to help testing.          
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