[Bug 5876] big xvideo issues with ATI Radeon RV100 family (Mobility M6 LY, ...)

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Tue Dec 5 04:46:11 PST 2006

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------- Additional Comments From drzeus-bugzilla at drzeus.cx  2006-12-05 04:46 -------
Seems you're right. I did a grep for vo_doublebuffering and got "int
vo_doublevuffering=0;". What I failed to notice was that it was in the file
mencoder.c. In libvo/video_out.c we can find "int vo_doublebuffering = 1;".

So if we assume the problem is entirely mplayer at this point, running mplayer
with -nodouble should result in the tearing going away, right? The driver should
still be doing its double buffering (based on XV_DOUBLE_BUFFER).          
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