[Bug 8938] [ATI/radeon] Xv tearing

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------- Additional Comments From sroland at tungstengraphics.com  2006-12-01 15:46 -------
After doing some more tests, writing to the framebuffer without dma probably
really is just slow. At least on this box here, when playing a full hd (h.264)
video, mplayer eats up between 40 and 70% of the cpu time, and X cpu time barely
registers with xv dma, but when not using dma cpu usage is roughly split between
mplayer and X, with framedrops, lots of tearing, and sometimes video just stops
completely for some seconds... Sounds a lot like what you're experiencing.
Granted, we're talking roughly 65MB/s here, but with AGP1x (it's a AGP4x but
without fast writes those writes only happen at AGP1x speed) that's only 1/4th
the bus limit.
(As a side note, I'm actually surprised how well those h.264 full hd videos
play. That's just with a lonely A64 2Ghz, no dual-core, no fancy next-gen
graphic card - though you could say it's cheated due to the downscaling the
graphic chip has to do for full hd video...)          
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