Fwd: [Bug 105287] X server requires "randrproto >= 1.6.0", but git head of randrproto is still at 1.5.0

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
Wed Feb 28 15:53:59 UTC 2018

Now that we've switched to the new xorgproto repo, should we add notices to
the configure.ac of the old *proto repo like we've done for abandoned drivers
to tell people who don't follow our mailing lists to switch over to it?


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Subject: 	[Bug 105287] X server requires "randrproto >= 1.6.0", but git head of
randrproto is still at 1.5.0
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I see.  Thanks.

Having pointer in randrproto git to newly required xorgproto (and nothing
else), would have been helpful.

Xserver depending on specific version of xorgproto (which provides now all
these headers), instead of there being separate pgkconfig file & check for each
of the headers, would IMHO make this transition a lot clearer to everybody who
doesn't follow X mailing lists.

(Google searches on randrproto 1.6 returning hits to Keith's patches, which
update randrproto to 1.6.0 instead of xorgproto, does not help.)

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