[ANNOUNCE] xserver 1.20 RC1

Adam Jackson ajax at redhat.com
Wed Feb 28 18:49:27 UTC 2018

This is the first release candidate for xserver 1.20. Notable changes
since 1.19 include:

- RANDR 1.6, which enables leasing RANDR resources to a client for its
exclusive use (e.g. head mounted displays)

- Depth 30 support in glamor and the modesetting driver

- A meson-based build system, parallel to autotools

- Pageflipping support for PRIME output sinks

- OutputClass device matching for xorg.conf

- Input grab and tablet support in Xwayland

... and the usual pile of bug fixes and cleanups. The final release
will include a more complete set of release notes.

I expect to push these out roughly weekly as things stabilize. With any
luck RC3 will be the final release candidate, with the actual release
around March 20. The server is ABI-frozen until 1.21 development opens;
external modules should rebuild against this server and report any

Full changelog since 1.19.0:

Aaron Plattner (1):
      randr: Use RRTransformEqual in RRCrtcPendingTransform

Adam Jackson (196):
      configure: Enable glamor when building just Xwayland
      composite: Fix repaint of borders (v2)
      dix: Rename (and retype) PixmapPerDepth[1] to defaultStipple
      dix: Clear graphicsExposures for scratch GCs in one place
      shadowfb: Rename this particular shadow.c to shadowfb.c
      shadow: Lift 32->24 conversion from modesetting to dix
      shadow: Remove indirection stubs
      shadow: Macro cleanup
      shadow: Remove unused shadowAlloc
      Revert "damage: Make damageRegionProcessPending take a damage not a drawable"
      glamor: Squash unused variable warning
      Revert "tests: fix --disable-xorg build"
      dmx: Remove non-evdev hardware input drivers
      kdrive: Remove non-evdev input drivers
      composite: Remove a misleading comment
      composite: Export compIsAlternateVisual
      glx: Send GLX_VISUAL_SELECT_GROUP_SGIX attribute for visuals
      glx: Move Composite's synthetic visuals to a different select group
      loader: Port from xfree86 to dix API
      loader: Remove *GetOS
      loader: Don't add internal/ to the search path
      loader: Include fewer headers from xf86Module.h
      loader: Remove unused loader error codes and dead enum
      loader: Remove silly "unspecified" version handling
      xfree86: Remove DriverRec1 compat struct
      xfree86: Fix up some bad indentation
      xfree86: Remove a stray reference to font modules
      loader: Move loader list details to internal header
      loader: Turn LoaderListDirs into LoaderListDir
      loader: Remove unused arguments from LoadModule
      loader: Remove unused path and name from ModuleDescPtr
      loader: Learn about the joy of snprintf
      dri1: Remove some dead event code
      xfree86: Bump video ABI to 24.0
      xfree86: Fix a comment about ScrnInfoRec
      xfree86: Remove max[HV]Value from ScrnInfoRec
      xfree86: Drop virtualFrom from ScrnInfoRec
      xfree86: Remove Option "BiosBase" (v2)
      xfree86: Remove memClk from ScrnInfoRec
      xfree86: Remove unused chipID/Rev from ScrnInfoRec
      xfree86: Reorganize the reserved ScrnInfoRec slots
      wfb: Add missing rename for fbGlyphs
      wfb: Hide init function decls behind FB_ACCESS_WRAPPER
      fb: Remove unused fbGetFreeCompClip macro
      fb: Remove stray references to fbHasVisualTypes
      mi: Add include guards to migc.h
      dix: Pass the whole property into deliverPropertyNotifyEvent
      dix: Add a callback chain for window property state change
      vfb: Bump default depth to 24
      dispatch: Mark swapped dispatch as _X_COLD
      sdksyms: Tighten up the symbols we add to the magic table
      xfake: Remove
      xfbdev: Remove
      kdrive: Remove now-unused linux backend
      miarc: Style cleanup for miWideArc
      miarc: Make the caller free the arc span data
      miarc: "Cache" arc span data for dashed arcs
      os: Squash missing declaration warning for timingsafe_memcmp
      test: Fix distcheck failures
      parser: Fix crash when xf86nameCompare(s1 = x, s2 = NULL)
      xinerama: Implement graphics exposures for window->pixmap copies (v4)
      Revert "sdksyms: Tighten up the symbols we add to the magic table"
      ephyr: Don't clobber bitsPerPixel when using glamor
      xfree86: Remove 24bpp pixmap format support (v2)
      fb: Remove 24bpp support (v3)
      fb: Handle ZPixmap planemask in GetImage the other way around
      glamor: Avoid software fallback for planemasked ZPixmap GetImage
      dix: Remove PRIVATE_DAMAGE
      glx: Fix MakeCurrent with no drawables
      xfree86: Clean up DPMS support
      dix: Lift DPMS to a screen hook
      dpms: Consolidate a bunch of stuff into Xext/dpms.c
      xfree86: Remove driver entity hooks and private
      glx: Remove enter/leave server API
      xephyr: Check for host XVideo support before trying to use it
      meson: Fix a typo
      meson: Factor out the AC_REPLACE_FUNCS stuff to its own library
      meson: Fix linking the dmx utilities
      meson: Build libglx.so
      meson: Build libwfb.so
      meson: Build libfbdevhw.so
      meson: Build libvgahw.so
      meson: Build libshadowfb.so
      meson: Build libvbe.so
      dmx: Fix decl mismatch for XRT_WINDOW
      xfree86: Silence a new glibc warning
      kdrive: static and dead code cleanup
      kdrive: Remove KdOsFuncs
      kdrive: Remove dead slots from KdCardFuncs
      Makefile.am: make 'make distcheck' verify the meson build
      timingsafe_memcmp: Fix meson build
      xephyr: Fix regeneration
      os, xfree86: Stop being so weird about <limits.h>
      meson: Fix CLOCK_MONOTONIC test
      misprite: Remove some dead cache variables
      misprite: Clean up some preprocessor abuse
      modesetting: Validate the atom for enum properties
      include: Remove some unused macros
      dix: Remove extension aliases
      xfree86: Remove unused xf86EnableVTSwitch
      xfree86: Move DRICreatePCIBusID to the PCI code
      dmx: Silence an unused-result warning
      dmx: Remove some not-very-interesting debug prints
      glx: Remove __glXReply
      glx: Remove some indirection around EXT_texture_from_pixmap
      glx/dri2: Don't chirp when falling back to software
      glx/drisw: Remove unused glx_enable_bits
      glx/drisw: Use scratch GCs for swrastPutImage
      xfree86: Move DRICreatePCIBusID to xf86Pci.h
      automake: Add hw/xfree86/xkb/meson.build to EXTRA_DIST
      wayland: Sync drm.xml with Mesa
      modesetting: Fix PCI initialization on non-zero domains
      xfree86: Fix X -configure driver sort yet again
      glx: Allow arbitrary context attributes for direct contexts
      composite: Make compIsAlternateVisual safe even if Composite is off
      glx: Remove True/False defines
      glx: Inline some reply swapping code
      glx: Remove some unused stuff from glxserver.h
      glx: Fix error generation for non-reply vendor private requests
      os: Fix warning in LockServer
      fb: Check whether the window is enabled directly
      glx: Be a bit more paranoid in glx client cleanup
      test: Fix a thinko in simple-xinit
      xfree86: Hush some warnings when Xv is disabled
      dmx: Fix a silly redeclaration bug
      dmx: More const correctness
      test: const correctness fix
      meson: Default to gnu99
      meson: Check for HAVE_TYPEOF
      meson: Port default warning flags from xorg-macros
      travis: Bump linux Dockerfile to v7 for new meson
      dix: Don't vary the ClientRec ABI at build time
      dix: Don't track the XKB client versions in the ClientRec
      meson: Use [ true, false, auto ] for tristate values
      glamor: Unconditionalize GLAMOR_GRADIENT_SHADER
      glamor: Unconditionalize GLAMOR_PIXMAP_DYNAMIC_UPLOAD
      glamor: Unconditionalize GLAMOR_TEXTURED_LARGE_PIXMAP
      os: Remove mffs()
      dix: Remove ffs.c
      glx: Fix typos that break GLX_ARB_context_flush_control
      dmx: Use noGlxExtension like other DDXes
      xwayland: Stop printing the EGL version
      glamor: Un-inline glamor_[gs]et_screen_private
      glamor: Remove unused glamor_create_screen_resources
      xres: Return the atom naming the type, not its internal type number
      glx: Drop references to <GL/internal/glcore.h>
      glamor: Drop the non-VAO rendering path
      glx: Only flush indirect contexts in MakeCurrent (v2)
      glx: Fix glXQueryContext for GLX_FBCONFIG_ID and GLX_RENDER_TYPE (v2)
      glx: Prepare __glXGetDrawable for no-config contexts
      glx: Implement GLX_EXT_no_config_context (v2)
      test: Fix build dependency for bigreq test
      xfixes: Remove the CursorCurrent array
      xfree86: Remove xf86InterceptSigIll
      xfree86: Remove xf86InterceptSignals
      os: Make OsSignalHandler ask for core dumps for signo != SIGQUIT
      xfree86: remove xf86CaughtSignal etc.
      kdrive: remove KdSignalWrapper etc.
      animcur: Use fixed-size screen private
      animcur: Return the next interval directly from the timer callback
      animcur: Run the timer from the device, not the screen
      animcur: Stop tracking the last display time in the SpriteInfoRec
      os: Fix a type error in the IPv6 XDMCP code
      ddc: Port some paranoia from drm_edid.c
      glx: Stop printing messages about what GLX extensions we enable
      animcur: Fix transitions between animated cursors
      animcur: Handle allocation failure for the animation timer
      meson: Enable SUN-DES-1 auth code
      build: Remove <*dbm.h> checks
      x86emu: Teach the debug code about varargs
      automake: Fix 'make distcheck'
      miinitext: General cleanup (v2)
      glx: Move provider setup interface to glx_extinit.h
      xfree86: Remove broken RANDR disabling logic (v3)
      Revert "xfree86: Remove broken RANDR disabling logic (v3)"
      xfree86: Remove broken RANDR disabling logic (v4)
      meson: Get more xkb configuration from xkbcomp.pc
      animcur: Change which CursorPtr we save in external state
      xfixes: Restore monitoring of animated cursors
      dmx: #if PANORAMIX → #ifdef PANORAMIX
      glx: Use vnd layer for dispatch (v4)
      miinitext: Load GLX on the mi path
      miinitext: Remove separate extension toggle list
      glx: Large commands are context state, not client state
      dri2: warning fix
      dmx: warning fix
      render: Remove some 24bpp handling
      render: Cosmetic cleanup to default format creation
      render: Simplify miCompositeRects
      glx: Enable GLX_ARB_create_context_no_error (v2)
      glx: Fix indirect no-config contexts
      xquartz: Fix linking with glxvnd
      glamor: unifdef XORG_VERSION_CURRENT
      render: Store and use all 16bpc of precision for solid pixels (v2.1)
      glx: Add vndserver.h to the SDK
      xserver 1.20 RC 1

Alan Coopersmith (2):
      DetermineClientCmd: try using /proc/pid/cmdline on Solaris too
      Mark test_data static in Xinput protocol tests to avoid clashes

Alex Goins (3):
      ramdac: Check ScreenPriv != NULL in xf86ScreenSetCursor()
      xf86-video-modesetting: Fix ms_queue_vblank(flags = MS_QUEUE_RELATIVE)
      randr: Fix rotation check in ProcRRSetScreenSize()

Alexander Volkov (5):
      Xephyr: Extract functions to create/delete shared memory segments
      Xephyr: Prefer using MIT-SHM FD-passing when possible
      Xephyr: Call forgotten XShmDetach if can't mmap SHM segment
      Xephyr: Require xcb-shm version 1.9.3 or newer
      Xephyr: Avoid calling xcb_shm_detach() twice

Ben Crocker (1):
      Fix a segfault that occurs if xorg.conf.d is absent:

Carlos Garnacho (10):
      xwayland: Refactor cursor management into xwl_cursor
      xwayland: update cursor on tablet tools in proximity
      dix: assume warping on the RootWindow always happens on visible coords
      xwayland: Allow pointer warp on root/None window
      xwayland: "Accept" confineTo on InputOnly windows
      xwayland: Update root window size when desktop size changes
      xwayland: Lock the pointer if it is confined and has no cursor
      Xi: Use WarpPointerProc hook on XI pointer warping implementation
      xwayland: Remove two unused proc pointers.
      xwayland: Keep separate variables for pointer and tablet foci

Chris Lamb (1):
      configure.ac: Make BUILD_{DATE, TIME} respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH if set

Chris Wilson (5):
      xfree86: Take the input lock for xf86RecolorCursor
      xfree86: Take input lock for xf86TransparentCursor
      xfree86: Take input_lock() for xf86ScreenCheckHWCursor
      inputthread: Initialise inputThreadInfo->changed before use
      os: Fix iteration over busfaults

Corentin Rossignon (1):
      glamor: Specify GLSL version for xv shader

Daniel Martin (15):
      modesetting: Fix warning of unused variable if not GLAMOR_HAS_GBM
      modesetting: Remove #ifdefs XF86_PDEV_SERVER_FD
      modesetting: Check crtc before searching link-status property
      modesetting: Fix leak of tile_blob in drmmode_output_destroy
      modesetting: Use helper to fetch drmModeProperty(Blob)s
      modesetting: Fix potential buffer overflow
      test: input: Fix used uninitialized warning in dix_event_to_core
      test: signal-logging: Fix looping signed number tests
      Use ARRAY_SIZE all over the tree
      os/xdmcp: Honour -once when session is dead
      xfree86: Fix set but not used warnings in lnx_platform
      modesetting: Fix log msg if pixmap creation failed
      modesetting: Reset output_id if drmModeGetConnector failed
      modesetting: Remove unused define DRV_ERROR
      modesetting: Remove #if 0 CMAP_LOAD_EVEN_IF_OFFSCREEN

Daniel Stone (5):
      modesetting: Set correct DRM event context version
      README: HTTPS everywhere
      README: Add link to fd.o CoC
      Build: Use dri3proto/libdrm CFLAGS
      meson: Use dependency version_compare()

Dave Airlie (1):
      modesetting: handle NULL cursor in drmmode_set_cursor.

David Weinehall (1):
      sync: Fix diffgreater comparison

Dawid Kurek (1):
      modesetting: Blacklist EVDI devices from PRIME sync

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Jurzitza (1):
      glamor: Fix missing declaration in dash vertex shader

Emil Velikov (27):
      xfree86: remove unused path from the LoadModule API
      xfree86: remove references to LoadSubModule's path from the doc
      xfree86: remove dummy/dead function prototype for LoadDriver
      xfree86: flatten pathlist management in the loader
      glamor: remove no longer needed KHR_gl_texture_2D_image requirement
      glamor: update "required EGL extensions" comment
      glx: fix typo becuase -> because
      glx: don't export __glXDRISWRastProvider
      glx: remove unused GlxSetVisualConfigs stub
      xwin/glx: remove unused __GLXWinScreen::glx_enable_bits
      os: make GenerateRandomData() independent of XCSECURITY
      os: make MitGenerateCookie() independent of XCSECURITY
      xwin: remove always true/set XWIN_CLIPBOARD conditional/define
      xwin: remove always true/set XWIN_MULTIWINDOW conditional/define
      xwin: remove always true/set XWIN_RANDR conditional/define
      xwin: automake: remove unused {SRCS, DEFS}_{NATIVEGDI, PRIMARYFB}
      xwayland: use the lowercase xnf.*alloc API
      glamor: use the lowercase xnf.*alloc API
      glx: remove unused systemTimeExtension
      dri2: sort DRI2InfoPtr::version checking in ascending order
      glx: keep glvnd_vendor a private [static] variable
      glx: NULL check the correct argument in dispatch_GLXVendorPriv
      glx: use C99 initializers for GlxServerExports
      glx: set the version we implement in GlxServerExports
      docs: correct LoadExtensionList() documentation
      mi: Mention extension loading in verbose logs
      protocol.txt: add GLX req. 35 - SetClientInfo2ARB

Eric Anholt (64):
      glamor: Fix dashed line rendering.
      kdrive: Unifdef KDRIVE_EVDEV.
      kdrive: Remove vestiges of TSLIB support.
      kdrive: Drop kdrive-config.h.
      xserver: Check the right HAVE_*_CONFIG_H.
      glamor: Fix some formatting that confused the unifdef command.
      xserver: Unifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H
      configure: Stop checking for XdmcpWrap
      glx: Use the same endian swapping as the rest of the server.
      xorg: Change __XCONFIGFILE__ to XCONFIGFILE (and DIR) to fix scan.c.
      Remove default defines of some directories.
      Rewrite the byte swapping macros.
      Add unit tests for the byte swapping macros.
      Remove support for unaligned swaps.
      modesetting: Add the "DPI" connector type.
      dix: Remove a redundant #define
      Use #ifdef instead of #if for features to make Meson easier.
      Add a Meson build system alongside autotools.
      meson: use link_with for Xorg's shared modules as well as Xorg.
      meson: Fix glx build with DRI2 disabled.
      meson: Fix kdrive build.
      meson: Use link_whole() not link_with(), for the Xorg dixmods.
      Revert "xfree86: Improved autoconfig drivers matching"
      glamor_egl: Print a useful identifying string on initialization.
      glamor_egl: Unifdef GLAMOR_HAS_GBM.
      modesetting: Drop code for GLAMOR && !GLAMOR_HAS_GBM.
      glamor_egl: Drop the has_gem flag.
      glamor_egl: Always require the gbm-based image import path.
      glamor_egl: Drop unnecessary check for KHR_gl_renderbuffer_image.
      glamor_egl: Drop dead gl_context_depth.
      glamor_egl: Drop dead "cpp" field
      glamor_egl: Avoid flink names in glamor_egl_create_textured_pixmap().
      glamor_egl: Drop warning about indirect GLX and GLES2.
      glamor_egl: Remove check for KHR_surfaceless_context_*
      glamor_egl: Automatically choose a GLES2 context if desktop GL fails.
      glamor_egl: Drop glamor_egl_create_textured_screen_ext().
      meson: Fix enabling of xshmfence.
      glamor_egl: Stop saving the EGL major/minor version.
      glamor: Stop tracking the screen_fbo.
      glamor: Drop glamor_set_screen_pixmap().
      glamor: Remove the "delayed fallback" code.
      dmx: Remove includes of glxtokens.h
      meson: Fix test for whether we've built glamor-EGL.
      travis: Add a build script for Travis CI.
      travis: Enable ccache.
      meson: Fix xwayland build since xwayland-keyboard-grab.
      travis: Set prefix to /usr, so we find xkbcomp.
      travis: Request a new docker image with xkb-data and xkbcomp installed.
      test: Remove unused ddxstubs.c
      glamor: Scissor rectangle drawing to the bounds of the rects.
      glamor: Scissor CopyArea to the bounds of the drawing.
      glamor: Scissor Render composite operations to the bounds of the drawing.
      meson: Respect SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproducible builds.
      meson: Include BUILD_DATE in the meson xf86Build.h.
      meson: Move the BUILD_DATE/TIME setup to configure time.
      meson: Move Xvfb build under an option.
      meson: Add Xvfb and Xephyr-glamor testing.
      test: Return error from simple-xinit if the client crashes.
      test: Add basic SYNC tests.
      sync: Convert from "CARD64" to int64_t.
      sync: Clean up a bit of header formatting.
      glamor: Use GL_MESA_tile_raster_order for overlapping blits.
      test: Add a test for the overflow bug in bigreqs.
      xkb: Print the xkbcomp path being executed when we fail to compile.

Frank Binns (1):
      hw/xfree86: fix comment typo

Giuseppe Bilotta (10):
      tests: Fix without-dtrace build
      dix/window: fix typos
      xkb: initialize tsyms
      Xephyr: free driverPrivates on Fini
      randr: ProcRRGetOutputInfo: initialize memory
      glx: free fbconfigs on destroy
      randr: rrGetScreenResources: initialize memory
      randr: always realloc crtcs and outputs
      randr: free crtc->outputs on destroy
      rrmonitor: allocate using the correct type

Hans De Goede (7):
      xfree86: Free devlist returned by xf86MatchDevice
      xfree86: Make OutputClassMatches take a xf86_platform_device
      xfree86: Add options support for OutputClass Options
      xfree86: xf86platformProbe: split finding pci-info and setting primary GPU
      xfree86: Allow overriding primary GPU detection from an OutputClass section
      xfree86: Add ModulePath support for OutputClass config Sections
      glamor: Trust eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT if it exists

Hans de Goede (5):
      randr: rrCheckPixmapBounding: Do not substract crtc non 0 x,y from screen size
      randr: rrCheckPixmapBounding: do not shrink the screen_pixmap
      xfree86: Remove redundant ServerIsNotSeat0 check from xf86CallDriverProbe
      xfree86: Make adding unclaimed devices as GPU devices a separate step
      xfree86: Try harder to find atleast 1 non GPU Screen

Hawking Zhang (1):
      glamor: Add 30bit RGB color format support

Hector Martin (1):
      edid: fix off-by-one error in CEA mode numbering

Helmut Grohne (1):
      build: guess availability of monotonic clock for cross compilation

Jan Beich (2):
      dix: unbreak --with-dtrace (default) on FreeBSD 11.1+
      shm, xwayland: prefer atomic close-on-exec without O_TMPFILE

Jason Ekstrand (1):
      xwayland: Fix backwards need_rotate logic (v2)

Jason Gerecke (9):
      xwayland: Depend on wayland-protocols to build tablet protocol headers
      xwayland: Bind to wp_tablet_manager if available and get its seats
      xwayland: Listen for wp_tablet_seat events
      xwayland: Handle wp_tablet events
      xwayland: Handle tablet_tool events
      xfree86: Fix interpretation of xf86WaitForInput timeout
      xwayland: Correct off-by-one error in tablet button numbering
      xwayland: Implement tablet_tool_wheel for scrolling
      xwayland: Support for BTN_STYLUS3 kernel events

Jeff Smith (9):
      edid: use value returned from pruning duplicate modes
      glamor: fix repeat-reflect case in linear gradient shader
      glamor: fix no-reflect case for gradients
      glamor: remove unused variables in linear gradient shader
      glamor: tidy up some gradient color formulas
      os: Always return microseconds from GetTimeInMicros()
      xfree86: Do not use uninitialized pointer during probe
      xfree86: Allocate sufficienct space for dev2screen array
      xfree86: Only call PreInit handler if it exists for device

Jeffrey Smith (2):
      os: avoid uninitialized offsets in backtrace
      modesetting: Do not close uninitialized dri2 screen

Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia (2):
      XQuartz: Hack around an issue that can occur on macOS due to background apps incorrectly stealing focus
      glx: Only include compositeext.h if COMPOSITE is supported

Jon TURNEY (14):
      xfree86: work around a sdksyms problem with gcc5 on Cygwin
      meson: Test to build xserver_poll.c was inverted
      meson: Make xf86vidmode optional
      meson: Fix typoed filename
      meson: Fix typo in xephyr option description
      meson: Remove stray whitespace
      meson: Nettle is required if it's the only SHA1 choice
      meson: Don't require xf86dgaproto
      meson: Make driprotos and libdrm optional
      meson: Refine build_dbus
      meson: An empty array is not a dependency object
      Move statically linked xorgxkb files from dixmods to a separate directory
      meson: Shuffle around subdirs so we build Xorg loadable modules after Xorg
      meson: Use --export-all-symbols when building PE/COFF objects

Jon Turney (22):
      test: Use correct signature for XISetEventMask wrapper
      xfree86: Hide unused variables when !XSERVER_LIBPCIACCESS
      hw/xwin: Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warning in winWindowProc
      hw/xwin: Fix -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings in engine CloseScreen wrappers
      hw/xwin: Fix -Wunused-function warning for MessageName() in non-debug builds
      hw/xwin: Don't unconditionally include rootless.h
      hw/xwin: Remove pretense of Xv support
      Add meson.build for XWin server (v2)
      meson: Restore stub ossupport
      meson: Make VBE and VGAHW modules optional
      Revert "dmx: fix linking"
      Add an .appveyor.yml for AppVeyor CI
      meson: Make it possible to build for 32-bit targets
      travis: Also build on OSX
      meson: Fix underlinkage of shadow loadable module
      meson: Fix linkage of loadable modules for PE/COFF
      travis: Fix OSX build
      meson: Add dependency on generated code fragments in hw/xwin/glx/
      meson: Correct the option for disabled int10 from 'disabled' to 'false'
      meson: Use and prefer tirpc for Secure RPC authentication
      meson.build: Fix hw/xwin build when dependencies are installed in a non-default location
      hw/xwin: Update for glxvnd

Julien Cristau (2):
      Drop workaround for pre-glibc linux
      Replace all checks for 'linux' macro with '__linux__'

Kai-Heng Feng (1):
      edid: Add quirk for ADA 1024x600 7" display.

Karol Kosik (2):
      xfree86: Improved autoconfig drivers matching
      xfree86: Improved autoconfig drivers matching

Keith Packard (25):
      Bump to post-1.19 development version
      AttendClient of grab-pervious client must queue to saved_ready_clients [v2]
      os: un-duplicate code to close client on write failure
      os: Mark client as ready to read when closing due to write failure [100863]
      dix: Remove clients from input and output ready queues after closing
      glamor: Clarify variable names in glamor_copy_cpu_fbo
      os: Eliminate ConnectionTranslation
      os: Use CloseDownFileDescriptor from AbortClient, including ospoll_remove
      os: Don't call ospoll_listen/ospoll_mute after connection is closed
      os: Check oc->trans_conn before using oc->fd in YieldControlNoInput
      os: Set oc->fd to -1 when connection is closed
      modesetting: Skip no-longer-present connectors when resetting BAD links
      xkb: Handle xkb formated string output safely (CVE-2017-13723)
      xf86-video-modesetting: Add ms_queue_vblank helper [v3]
      xfree86: Hold input_lock across SPRITE functions in VGA arbiter
      modesetting: Use seq instead of msc in ms_queue_vblank failure path
      xf86-video-modesetting: Support new vblank kernel API [v2]
      xf86-video-modesetting: Update property values at detect and uevent time
      randr: Declare incoming property values const
      xfree86: Disable cursor whenever turning off CRTC during modeset
      xfree86/modes: Check for non-desktop monitors during PreInit [v2]
      xf86-video-modesetting: Record non-desktop kernel property at PreInit time
      randr: Support "non-desktop" property
      xf86-video-modesetting: Create CONNECTOR_ID properties for outputs [v2]
      Add RandR leases with modesetting driver support [v6]

Kenneth Graunke (1):
      dri2: Sync i965_pci_ids.h from Mesa.

Konstantin Kharlamov (1):
      modesetting: simplify bailing on calloc fail

Kyle Brenneman (1):
      glx: Import glxvnd server module (v2)

Laurent Carlier (7):
      meson: Make DPMS extension optional
      meson: Make more extensions optional
      meson: Make Security extension optional
      meson: Xephyr Requires xcb-shm version 1.9.3 or newer
      meson: Make Xv and XvMC extensions optional
      dga: #if XFreeXDGA → #ifdef XFreeXDGA
      meson: Make DGA extension optional

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne (2):
      sync: Fix delta value check
      present: Check the whole exec queue on event

Lukáš Krejčí (1):
      Xorg.wrap: Ensure correct ordering of post-install hook

Lyude (2):
      xwayland: Unconditionally initialize lists in init_tablet_manager_seat()
      xwayland: Don't load extension list more than once

Lyude Paul (7):
      meson: Add xkb_bin_dir option
      fbdevhw: Fix inconsistent #if DEBUG usage
      x86emu: Fix type conversion warnings on x86_64 with DEBUG
      meson: Silence -Wformat-nonliteral for x86emu
      meson: Don't forget to define DEBUG!
      meson: Don't use '' in link_with, ever
      xwayland: Don't process cursor warping without an xwl_seat

Mario Kleiner (9):
      glx: Only assign 8 bpc fbconfigs for composite visuals.
      modesetting: Fix fallback for lack of new vblank kernel API.
      glamor: Make Xv extension initialize at depth 30.
      glamor: Fix loose ends in color depth 30 support.
      glamor: Enable composite acceleration for rgb10 formats. (v2)
      glamor: Bump version to 1.0.1 to signal depth 30 support.
      xfree86/modes: Adapt xf86Randr12CrtcComputeGamma() for depth 30. (v2)
      modesetting: Adapt xf86HandleColorMaps() for > 24 color depth. (v2)
      modesetting: Enable screen color depth 30 support.

Mariusz Bialonczyk (1):
      configure.ac: fix checking for libdrm version after 9232835bd

Martin Peres (2):
      tests: shuffle around the linking order to please GNU ld
      modesetting: re-set the crtc's mode when link-status goes BAD

Martin Wilck (1):
      xfree86: add default modes for 16:9 and 16:10

Matt Turner (1):
      xkb: Correct type of XkbDfltAccessXOptions.

Matthieu Herrb (4):
      Use timingsafe_memcmp() to compare MIT-MAGIC-COOKIES CVE-2017-2624
      Use arc4random_buf(3) if available to generate cookies.
      auth: remove AuthToIDFunc and associated functions. Not used anymore.
      Brown bag commit to fix 957e8d (arc4random_buf() support)

Michael Thayer (3):
      xfree86: Immediately handle failure to set HW cursor, v5
      modesetting: Immediately handle failure to set HW cursor, v5
      modesetting: allow switching from software to hardware cursors (v5).

Michal Srb (12):
      xinerama: Swap the response in RRXineramaWriteMonitor
      Xi: Zero target buffer in SProcXSendExtensionEvent.
      dix: Disallow GenericEvent in SendEvent request.
      Xi: Verify all events in ProcXSendExtensionEvent.
      Xi: Do not try to swap GenericEvent.
      Xi: Test exact size of XIBarrierReleasePointer
      Xext/shm: Validate shmseg resource id (CVE-2017-13721)
      xkb: Escape non-printable characters correctly.
      os: Make sure big requests have sufficient length.
      os/inputthread: Force unlock when stopping thread.
      xfree86: Silence always true condition warning.
      modesetting: Check for -1 before converting to unsigned int.

Michel Dänzer (24):
      present: Only call present_flip_notify if vblank->queued == FALSE
      loader: Handle mod->VersionInfo == NULL
      prime: Sync shared pixmap from root window instead of screen pixmap
      present: Allow flipping with PRIME slave outputs
      damage: Validate source pictures bound to windows before unwrapping
      prime: Clear PixmapDirtyUpdateRec::damage when it's destroyed
      glamor: Fix typo: "vec2_pos" -> "vec2 pos"
      edid: Prune duplicates after adding modes from DDC
      Xephyr: Handle source-only pictures in ephyrPrepare/DoneComposite
      xfree86/modes: Make colormap/gamma glue code work with RandR disabled
      os: Handle SIGABRT
      xfree86: Add Option "PreferCloneMode"
      glamor: Store the actual EGL/GLX context pointer in lastGLContext
      glamor: Fix temporary pixmap coordinate offsets
      xfree86/modes: Use RRTransformEqual in xf86RandR12CrtcSet
      xfree86: Print BusID stanza compatible bus IDs for found devices
      xfree86: Fix printing of PCI domain/bus in xf86MatchPciInstances
      xfree86: Document BusID PCI domain format in xorg.conf manpage
      xfree86: Document BusID PCI domain format in ddxDesign.xml
      Make PixmapDirtyUpdateRec::src a DrawablePtr
      present: Only send PresentCompleteNotify events to the presenting client
      Revert "present: Only send PresentCompleteNotify events to the presenting client"
      xf86XvMCScreenInit: Clear pScreenPriv->dixinfo when freeing pAdapt
      glx: Don't pass NULL to glxGetClient

Mihail Konev (13):
      os,dix: Depend custom libs on libs, not objects
      xkb: Match key releases with an overlaid press
      tests: Avoid libtool message
      tests: Refactor wraps into protocol-common.c
      tests: Convert test/xi1/ to single binary
      tests: Convert test/xi2/ to single binary
      tests: Convert test/ to single binary
      tests: Move test/{xi1,xi2}/tests to test/
      tests: Remove obsolete libxservertest.la
      tests: fix --disable-xorg build
      tests: Fix typo
      dmx: fix linking
      tests: Fix guards for ld -wrap

Nathan Kidd (7):
      Unvalidated lengths
      xfixes: unvalidated lengths (CVE-2017-12183)
      hw/xfree86: unvalidated lengths
      Xi: integer overflow and unvalidated length in (S)ProcXIBarrierReleasePointer
      Xi: fix wrong extra length check in ProcXIChangeHierarchy (CVE-2017-12178)
      dbe: Unvalidated variable-length request in ProcDbeGetVisualInfo (CVE-2017-12177)
      Unvalidated extra length in ProcEstablishConnection (CVE-2017-12176)

Nick Sarnie (1):
      suid: Include sysmacros.h to fix build after glibc-2.25

Nikolay Martynov (1):
      XShmGetImage: fix censoring

Olivier Fourdan (33):
      xwayland: Remove MIPOINTER() definition
      glamor: restore vfunc handlers on init failure
      xwayland: Fix use after free of cursors
      glamor: Two pass won't work on memory pixmaps
      xwayland: CRTC should support all rotations
      xwayland: Apply output rotation for screen size
      xwayland: bump wayland-protocols version to 1.7
      os: remove unused define MAX_TIMES_PER
      Revert "xwayland: bump wayland-protocols version to 1.7"
      xwayland: Make sure we have a focus window
      xwayland: do not set checkRepeat on master kbd
      xwayland: make sure client is not gone in sync callback
      xwayland: clear cursor frame callback
      xwayland: Monitor client states to destroy callbacks
      glamor: Check for NULL pixmap in glamor_get_pixmap_texture()
      Xephyr: Check screen resources creation success
      glamor: glamor_set_destination_drawable() can fail
      glamor: Check glamor_set_destination_drawable() return value
      glamor: avoid a crash if texture allocation failed
      glamor: an FBO is not needed for Xv pixmaps
      xwayland: Add grab protocol support
      xwayland: No grab handler without protocol support
      xwayland: Fix a segfault with pointer locking
      glamor: handle NULL source picture
      glamor: Avoid overflow between box32 and box16 box
      xwayland: add envvar XWAYLAND_NO_GLAMOR
      xwayland: Fix non-argb cursor conversion
      dix: avoid deferencing NULL PtrCtrl
      xwayland: Give up “cleanly“ on Wayland socket errors
      xwayland: avoid race condition on new keymap
      xwayland: Add optional xdg-output support
      xwayland: remove dirty window unconditionally on unrealize
      xwayland: place a manual redirect on windows

Pekka Paalanen (6):
      xwayland: fix order of calloc() args
      test: fix distributing scripts
      xwayland: refactor into xwl_window_post_damage()
      xwayland: fix 'buffer' may be used uninitialized warning
      xwayland: use _XWAYLAND_ALLOW_COMMITS property
      xwayland: reduce over-damage

Peter Harris (9):
      meson: Detect arc4random_buf
      meson: Detect more functions
      meson: Only detect each function once
      meson: Detect strlcat/strlcpy/reallocarray in libbsd
      meson: Fix epoll detection
      os: Add epoll-like pollset implementation for AIX
      os: Add epoll-like port implementation for Solaris
      composite: Propagate damagedDescendants when reparented
      composite: Fix use-after-free in compReparentWindow

Peter Hutterer (14):
      Xi: when creating a new master device, update barries for all clients
      os: return 0 from check_timers if we touched any of them
      xwayland: replace hardcoded function name with __func__ in error msg
      os: log a bug whenever WriteToClient is called from the input thread
      xwayland: handle button events after motion events
      xwayland: add tablet pad support
      Makefile.am: add the meson files to the tarball
      xfree86: build a shared lib identical to Xorg
      fb: remove some superfluous empty lines
      xfree86: up the path name size to 512 in xf86MatchDriverFromFiles
      xfree86: link to libinput(4) from the xorg.conf man page
      test: fix compiler warning
      config/udev: consider ID_INPUT_FOO=0 as 'unset'
      config: fix NULL value detection for ID_INPUT being unset

Qiang Yu (6):
      xfree86: fix wrong usage of xf86optionListMerge
      randr: fix xserver crash when xrandr setprovideroutputsource
      modesetting: cleanup pci device open
      dri2: refine dri2_probe_driver_name (v2)
      present: disable page flip only when a slave crtc is active
      glamor: use drmGetDeviceNameFromFD2 when available

Raimonds Cicans (1):
      Xdmx: fix input driver initialization code paths

Rhys Kidd (1):
      test: Fix stray Makefile reference to removed os test

Rinat Ibragimov (1):
      modesetting: setup colormap

Rodrigo Vivi (1):
      dri2: Sync i965_pci_ids.h from Mesa.

Roman Gilg (3):
      xwayland: Small comment edit
      xwayland: Avoid repeatedly looping through window ancestor chain
      Correct xorg_list_is_empty return value description

Rui Matos (1):
      xwayland: Don't send KeyRelease events on wl_keyboard::leave

Svitozar Cherepii (1):
      xwayland: Add hack for FWXGA resolution #99574

Tapani Pälli (1):
      glx: do not pick sRGB config for 32-bit RGBA visual

Thomas Hellstrom (3):
      glx: Work around a GLX_OML swap method in older dri drivers
      glx: Fix visual fbconfig matching with respect to swap method
      glx: Duplicate relevant fbconfigs for compositing visuals

Tobias Stoeckmann (3):
      render: Fix out of boundary heap access
      record: Fix OOB access in ProcRecordUnregisterClients
      dmx: Fix null pointer dereference

Tomasz Śniatowski (1):
      os: Fix strtok/free crash in ComputeLocalClient

git tag: xorg-server-

MD5:  80da27ab4c3acf68deb4f5c105eacbc1  xorg-server-
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SHA512: ac56c67a9819d05f6b3610fdc9a8350f673f9ce0ebdc3b2967b79eafccc425d1af23a4c6b5340d51c2b08ff0715ef8cdceaa1658d0d2e840712563b4f1276676  xorg-server-
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