Making Composite better for interactive apps

Keith Packard keithp at
Wed Feb 7 23:15:36 UTC 2018

Giuseppe Bilotta <giuseppe.bilotta at> writes:

> Still it would make more sense to have the CM tell the server “I'm
> going to prepare the next frame, so stop the world” than having the
> server tel the CM “I stopped the world to give you some time to
> prepare the next frame”. Maybe it can be achieved with both? As in the
> CM sending a PreparingNextFrameNotify to the server, the server
> replying with an OKIStoppedTheWorldNotify, and then the CM can fetch
> all pending updates and actually prepare the frame?

They're the same; I suggested having the X server pick when to start
because that replaces a round trip from CM to X and back to just a
half-trip from X to CM.

Thanks for your help with the discussion; I'll probably be spending the
rest of this week getting the Mesa bits for Leases ready to go for
review again now that Dave Airlie has figured out a better order for the
patches to land.

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