[PATCH xserver 2/2] glx: Fix visual fbconfig matching with respect to swap method

Thomas Hellstrom thellstrom at vmware.com
Mon Oct 2 17:28:20 UTC 2017

Hi, Fredrik,

On 10/02/2017 07:10 PM, Fredrik Höglund wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 September 2017, Thomas Hellstrom wrote:
>> Hi, Fredrik,
>> On 09/26/2017 11:53 AM, Fredrik Höglund wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 06 September 2017, Thomas Hellstrom wrote:
>>>> For the built in visuals, we'd typically select the "best" fbconfig
>>>> without considering the swap method. If the client then requests a
>>>> specific swap method, say GLX_SWAP_COPY_OML, it may well happen that the
>>>> first fbconfig matching requirements would have been paired with the 32-bit
>>>> compositing visual, and the client would render a potentially transparent
>>>> window.
>>> Hi Thomas,
>>> Unfortunately this patch breaks GL applications that actually want the
>>> ARGB visual. They now end up using a visual that does not have an
>>> alpha channel. In addition, it breaks compositing of ARGB windows,
>>> at least in kwin.
>>> Fredrik
>> Yeah, this path, while IMO correct, uncover existing bug(s). (which are
>> possible to trigger by other means as well),
>> There is a bug for this, (fdo #102806). I have a fix in the making.
>> Needs some cleanup, though.
> Thanks, I should have checked bugzilla first.
> Having read through the discussion in the bug report, I would like to
> add a couple of things though.
> Being the author of the fbconfig selection code in kwin, I very much care
> about the correctness of that code, so if anyone has any suggestions for
> how to make it more robust, I would be happy to implement those changes.
> But the list of fbconfigs returned by glXChooseFBConfig are filtered and
> sorted according to a criteria defined by the GLX specification. The point of
> using it is that it should be safer than attempting to sort the list manually,
> since clients can't know about future attributes.
> The default value for GLX_SWAP_METHOD_OML is GLX_DONT_CARE, so
> I think giving this attribute precedence over other attributes with non-
> default values would qualify as a bug in the implementation.

I agree. However, it is not given precedence in glXChooseFBConfig. It is 
just given precedence when pairing fbconfigs with the default X visuals, 
the idea being that all default X visuals should, if possible, have 
fbconfigs with identical swap methods and that swap method should 
preferrably be GLX_SWAP_UNDEFINED_OML.

Now I looked through the kwin visual selection code briefly, but could 
not really deduce how it selects a 32-bit ARGB visual when it wants one. 
Could you perhaps briefly outline that and we could hopefully come up 
with a fix for the remaining problem with Intel drivers?


> Fredrik
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