[PATCH 00/27] edid-decode: fixes and new features and checks

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at xs4all.nl
Thu Aug 31 11:40:53 UTC 2017

From: Hans Verkuil <hans.verkuil at cisco.com>

This edid-decode patch series has been sitting in my git repo for
way too long, so it is time to upstream this.

We (that is Cisco Systems Norway) have been using this to verify
both our own and others EDIDs. So besides adding support for new
data blocks and correcting little bugs all over it also improves
compliance checks. Especially making sure that the reported
timings are not out of range of the reported monitor frequency


	Hans Verkuil

Hans Verkuil (27):
  edid-decode: add HDMI Forum VSDB support
  edid-decode: print the chromaticities
  edid-decode: report picture aspect ratio
  edid-decode: add check for both serial number and string
  edid-decode: verify 640x480p60 is defined for CEA-861
  edid-decode: bit 0, byte 0x18 has been renamed for EDID 1.4
  edid-decode: fix CVT version
  edid-decode: fix "Supports CVT standard blanking"
  edid-decode: add support for the "More standard timings" block
  edid-decode: add Display Color Management support
  edid-decode: add support for the Color Point
  edid-decode: add support for Established Timings III
  edid-decode: add horizontal freq and pixelclock
  edid-decode: check monitor min/max range against supported timings
  edid-decode: SVDs in the 4:2:0 Data Block have half the pixclk
  edid-decode: YCbCr 4:2:0 Capability Map support
  edid-decode: fix has_preferred_timing handling for 1.4
  edid-decode: fix week/year interpretation.
  edid-decode: fix 1.3/1.4 differences in Model Year and Feature Support
  edid-decode: return 1 if no edid was found
  edid-decode: improve the hex dump parser to be more generic
  edid-decode: allow for comma separated hex values
  edid-decode: allow the year to be one year in the future
  edid-decode: check Max TMDS Rates
  edid-decode: check if HDMI VICs are also in the VSB
  edid-decode: calculate hfreq and clock from CVT
  edid-decode: show correct EDID version in string

 edid-decode.c | 1080 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
 1 file changed, 833 insertions(+), 247 deletions(-)


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