[RFC 00/12] DRI3 v1.1: DMA fences

Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne lfrb at collabora.com
Wed Aug 30 05:16:49 UTC 2017


This patchset implements the second part of what we would like to see
become DRI3 v1.1, that is the implementation of DMA fences.
For some context, please see initial submission for DRI3 v1.1 work:


This also implements some use cases for DMA fences in the modesetting
driver. If the wait_fence given to PresentPixmap is a DMA one,
the fence can be inserted in the GL stream (copying) or added to the
DRM atomic commit (page-flipping). If the new IdleFence option is
given to PresentPixmap, a DMA out-fence will be attached to the Idle
event so the X11 client can properly deal with it.

For the Glamor path to work properly, EGL extensions EGL_KHR_wait_sync
and EGL_ANDROID_native_fence_sync needs to be supported. For the
page-flipping path, the kernel should expose IN_FENCE_FD and
OUT_FENCE_PTR DRM properties.

A MESA patchset will follow soon with the appropriate changes to
the Vulkan X11 backend and i965 driver to make use of the new

The Git repositories containing all of these patches and related ones are
(branch: rfc/2017-08/x11-fences)


Thanks also to Intel for sponsoring this work.


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