[PATCH xserver 1/9] xfree86: Set xf86CrtcConfigRec cursor pointer to NULL in HideCursor

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Fri May 27 06:20:25 UTC 2016

On 12.05.2016 05:54, Keith Packard wrote:
> This makes the cursor pointer held by xf86Cursors.c get reset to NULL
> whenever the cursor isn't displayed, and means that the reference
> count held in xf86Cursor.c is sufficient to cover the reference in
> xf86Cursors.c.
> As HideCursor may be called in the cursor loading path after
> isn't set in the Flags field, the setting of the cursor pointer had to
> be moved to the LoadCursor paths.
> LoadCursorARGBCheck gets the cursor pointer, but LoadCursorImageCheck
> does not. For LoadCursorImageCheck, I added a new function,
> xf86CurrentCursor, which returns the current cursor. With this new
> function, we can eliminate the cursor pointer from the
> xf86CrtcConfigRec, once drivers are converted over to use it.

You could start by converting the modesetting driver. :)

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