Is that possible easy vga passthrough without i915 patch?

Cong Zhang congzhangzh at
Wed Sep 23 09:04:48 PDT 2015

Hi all,

  I try to do VGA Passthrough in kvm, I face the trouble as my host is
intel IGD+Nvidia.

  I face the vga arbiter problem when I need my vm boot into legecy mode,
 my question is *why I must apply the patch
<>* ?

   I read the vga arbiter article in , as
my understand *that should be possible to do some api level call to tell
the vga arbiter that there are some more vga device(lie to vga arbiter is
enough?)? or I must do that before x driver was loaded? if that's true,
 boot to the text mode directly fix the problem?*

   Any help was very appreciate.

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