[PULL] XQuartz update for ATS allowance of our Sparkle feed and updated menu bar height logic

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Wed Oct 14 06:32:11 PDT 2015

On Wed, 2015-10-14 at 00:40 -0700, Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia wrote:

>       XQuartz: Relax App Transport Security for communicating with the update server

I'm not sure I'm a fan of this change?  ATS looks to be new in 10.11,
so this might not be a change in behavior in a strict sense, but the
SSL cert for www.macosforge.org seems to be valid for
xquartz.macosforge.org and xquartz-dl.macosforge.org so I'm not sure
why you'd need to turn it off.  What's the story here?

- ajax

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