videos of X, DRM, & Mesa talks from LCA2015

Alan Coopersmith alan.coopersmith at
Fri Jan 23 17:21:44 PST 2015

The amazing 2015 video team has already posted all the videos
from the talks at this years conference - you can find them on their YouTube
channel at or via the links on

Talks of particular relevance to Xorg, DRI, and Mesa developers include:

Botching up IOCTLs
Daniel Vetter (Intel)

Displayport MST: why do my laptop dockoutputs not work?
David Airlie (Red Hat)

Open-source OpenGL on the Raspberry Pi
Eric Anholt (Broadcom)

Putting the Polish on Glamor
Keith Packard (HP)

Reducing GLSL Compiler Memory Usage (or Fitting 5kg of Potatoes in a 2kg Bag)
Ian Romanick (Intel)

And semi-related is a talk from former-SFLC-lawyer Karen Sandler on the
troubles open source groups have had with non-profit status that have been
pushing the X.Org Foundation to join a larger group to leverage their
lawyers and accountants in meeting all the needed requirements, resulting
in our current moves to become part of SPI:

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