1.17 status and schedule

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Sun Jan 4 17:35:31 PST 2015

Ok, it's (almost) the first working day of the year, and we're supposed
to be shipping 1.17. I think we're quite close, but I want to make sure
everyone is ready for the release before it happens.

From my list of pending patches, we've got:

        some optimizations for lighter-weight hardware. Very useful,
        don't seem like material for 1.17.

        There has been work on getting page flipping going here; given
        that modesetting is all new functionality for 1.17, we can't
        have any regressions, so if that code looks solid and is useful,
        I'd be tempted to include it.

        Aaron posted a pair of patches dealing with GPU screen handling;
        no review yet, but it seems like a useful fix if it is obvious,
        correct and not scary. Review needed.

	Some warning fixes related to dtrace and DMX. These should wait
        until after 1.17.

        I posted a patch series that fixes Present interactions with
        compositing managers. It seems 'obviously' correct to me, but it
        hasn't seen any review. Unless someone gets really excited about
        this, it'll have to wait until after 1.17.

        Tomasz posted a patch to move some shm file descriptors out of
        the low range used for X clients; I've seen no discussion of
        this, but it looks like it'd be nice to have

        Daniel posted a patch series to clear keys that were pressed
        when switching back to X, and Peter and I agreed that the
        results were useful, but that the implementation could be done a
        bit differently with better results. I posted an
        Xwayland-specific patch that papered over the worst problems.
        Any of the more complete solutions seem a bit too invasive to me
        for 1.17, but the simple hack seems like a good interim solution
        if someone wants to push it.

        Tiling properties. This is (alas) an ABI change, so it will need
        to wait until after 1.17. I think we'll want to merge this along
        with the other randr changes to add 'monitors' so that we can
        make gnome work properly with most 4k monitors.

Beyond 1.17, if we can get a bunch of the pending glamor, modesetting
and randr changes merged soon after the release, I'd like to consider
doing a 1.18 release on a shorter schedule than 6 months. We've finally
reached the point where a pile of new feature code is waiting to land
once the merge window opens. We may be able to have a useful release
with a very short merge window.

As always, this is just a suggestion.  Failing a fairly strong rough
consensus, we should plan on retaining our existing 6 month schedule.

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