Xephyr memory problems / GLX

Artur Lojewski lojewski at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 10:39:02 PST 2015


I am using an old version of Xephyr (v1.11.4) on our Fedora 16
platform. The Xephyr is used (via -parent <XID>) with an existing
window as Xephyr root window.

My problem right now is that my Xephyr process *accumulates* memory
whenever I start and stop e.g. glxgears (=> using the GLX extension)
in a loop. After a while it reaches memory limits, and the Linux OOM
kicks in and terminates the Xephyr process. However, it does not occur
when I start/stop am simple X client without GLX, e.g. x11perf or

Can anybody help me debugging this problem? Are there any proper tools
available (xrestop?)

Kind Regards,


PS: I can't use newer version of Xephyr. Maybe integrating some
relevant patches from the git repo.

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