[PATCH 0/5] modesetting driver pageflipping v4.

Kenneth Graunke kenneth at whitecape.org
Tue Apr 21 17:58:39 PDT 2015


Here's a respin of the xf86-video-modesetting pageflipping patches.
It incorporates Mario Kleiner's feedback and bug fixes (no more
double free, flip_count underrun, flip_vblank_event leak, and we're
using ms_flush_drm_events correctly now).  It fixes rotation bugs
(caught by Jason Ekstrand).  It also fixes X server crashes around
DPMS off, via a hack that just makes us fall back to blitting.

Note that pageflipping is only enabled for DRI3/Present currently.
Mesa doesn't yet implement DRI3/Present for EGL applications, so
effectively this means only GLX apps get pageflipping.  My hope is
that "someone" will fix Mesa.

This series improves the usability of the modesetting driver by
eliminating tearing in fullscreen applications (such as your
compositing manager).  There are most likely bugs, but it seems to
work reasonably well in the common case.  I think it may be worth
merging and improving once it's landed.

Huge thanks to Mario for the detailed review on the last version!


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