[PULL] glamor megaseries

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Mar 17 17:31:20 PDT 2014

Eric Anholt <eric at anholt.net> writes:

> Alan Coopersmith (1):
>       Remove duplicate assignment of repeat_type_uniform_location
> Eric Anholt (29):
>       xephyr: Don't forget to glViewport() before drawing the screen.
>       glamor: Drop the set of the context to NULL at the end of glamor ops.
>       glamor: Use epoxy_has_egl_extension() instead of rolling our own.
>       glamor: Move the EGL image to the normal pixmap private.
>       glamor: Do glyph private init at screeninit time, and other stuff at CSR.
>       sync: Add a header include necessary to use misyncstr.h
>       glamor: Drop the body of the function for enabling DRI3 extensions.
>       glamor: Return the stride/size for glamor_dri3_name_from_pixmap(), too.
>       glamor: Drop duplicated lines for getting pixmap state in GetImage.
>       glamor: Fix stack overflow in glamor_solid vertex handling.
>       glamor: Drop bogus _X_UNLIKELY.
>       glamor: Fix some integer overflow errors.
>       glamor: Rename a variable to be more descriptive.
>       glamor: Rename more solid fill variables to clean up the code.
>       glamor: Fix up doxygen for glamor_fill.c.
>       glamor: Replace some goofy enum-likes with a real enum.
>       glamor: Drop stale comment.
>       glamor: Drop unused GLAMOR_ACCESS_WO.
>       glamor: Allow nested mapping of pixmaps.
>       glamor: Rely on nested mappings to handle src==dst and !prepare bugs.
>       glamor: Add missing prepares on the GC during fb fallbacks.
>       glamor: Improve the performance of PushPixels by, well, pushing pixels.
>       glamor: Improve the performance of PolyGlyphBlt.
>       glamor: Improve the performance of line fallbacks.
>       glamor: Fix ignoring the ALU during SetSpans().
>       glamor: Add an assert about an invariant the upload code relies on.
>       glamor: Don't forget to unmap our PBOs before using them to upload.
>       glamor: Apply debug labels to our shaders.
>       glx: Make sure we get an FBConfig the root window's visual.
> Markus Wick (2):
>       glamor: remove disabled code
>       glamor: don't reset the GLSL program
> Michel Dänzer (1):
>       glamor: Move up glamor_priv->flags assignment in glamor_init()

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